Unique Jewellery For You!

Discover our unique jewellery collections. Each piece is one of a kind, whatever you choose. You are certain of a personalised item, Unique to Yourself !

Many of our clients have successfully built a new source of personal income and some even a business of their own with our expert guidance, special pricing and more.

We offer a wide variety of good professional quality jewellery and beads to create interesting choices and unique collections for your clients, based on your own designs and creative influences. Your success is our priority and we would love to be part of it. We have made it easy to Shop or Save with us with our Free UK delivery.

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Handmade Jewellery

Handmade jewellery is made with precious metals, or genuine gemstones, and Swarovski zirconia. With the less expensive gemstones, the choice is even greater, with shades of Citrine, Amethysts, Garnet, Aquamarine, Peridot, Topaz in many colours not forgetting Turquoise, Apatite, an array of Tourmaline colours.


It has become more accepted, to follow shades, complementing the current fashion. Our clients want something unique which they cannot find in the high street and are prepared to search for a piece they like. Women looking to complete an outfit they already have, can decide a pattern with our one-to-one service through our Zoom session or our chat box.

Strong statement pieces can bring a vibrancy to design that is truly catching. Our designer seeks to express true beauty from a more compassionate viewpoint, in this way, each piece is unique.