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Natural Corals

Corallium rubrum or better known as red coral, are one of several  species of marine coral.

Corals comes in many different shades of pink to deep red. These corelli rubrum species have been used in jewelleries and artefacts for thousands of years.


Nowadays, natural corals are rarely seen, their shade varies due to the coral reef exposure to the natural sunlight and of course,  the age of the actual piece.  An untouched piece of coral will show its inclusions, indicating the lack of natural light and the shaded areas of the seabed.


Coral Gemstone Grading

Like precious metals, coral also have grading. Some pieces show head holes, caused by the sea currents and sand movement of the sea, this help to recognize the authenticity of the items.
Nowadays, to beautify natural corals, they are cut in different shape and sizes, they are then polished, bringing out there superb sheen. 


Admire the translucent tone, feel the smoothness of these momo corals in their natural form, the inclusions in these pieces can be seen, adding authenticity to their origin. Once seen, no one would like to depart with these very special sets.


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