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We first designed this set with emeralds, today we are offering the same pattern in 18-carat white gold, set with aquamarine gemstones and diamonds.


For the pendant:

 A 10 mm round aquamarine faceted cabochon mounted into a 16 mm round diameter 18-carat white gold frame, designed with diamonds. 

An opening catch is crafted at the back of this frame with an additional hook for security.


 The pendant drop:

A triangular 24 mm aquamarine cabochon, also set in a white 18-carat gold frame with diamonds  

This is a unique shape and have included the matching earrings.



A 15 mm triangular aquamarine cabochons set in  white gold with the same matching frame, filled with diamonds.

Earrings designed with an omega fitting.


Aquamarine Necklace:

These gemstones are of a matching shape; approximately 8 x 7 mm ending with an 18-carat white gold clasp.


Because the pendant opening hook is cleverly designed, it opens, to allow you to remove the pendant from the beads and clip it on a chain or other gemstones of your choice for variety.


Aquamarine Bangles:

Designed with 11 x 7 mm aquamarine gemstones, set on an elastic cord, complimenting this exclusive set.


Pendant approximate size:  43 x 27 mm

Pendant: 86 round diamonds- 0.68ct


Earrings: 66 round diamonds - 0.51ct

Total gold weight: 16.72 grams


Total aquamarine weight: 

Aquamarine beads: 50 grams

Aquamarine cabochons weight: 23.4 grams


2 elasticated 10 mm aquamarine bangles.

Weighing in total: 37 grams


Note: the gold choker and ring displayed are not included but sold separately.

There is if you wish a matching ring in our diamonds collection


Aquamarine With Diamonds

SKU: GOL 429
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