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Looking for a jewellery item out of the ordinary to compliment an exceptional evening garment, try

this unusual spinal tie necklace.


You may already have in your jewellery collection either a bead holder or a brooch to tie these delightful gems and that is why we have individually priced these 3 items.


Crafted with 5 rows of 2 mm faceted spinal strung separately in 5 straight lines of 68 cm, ending with a selection of 3 and 5 mm - 7 stardust silver balls at each end.

These 5 lines are held with a diamond bead clasp which you can be positioned at any height you prefer.


The bracelet is composed of 5 -2 mm spinal, mixed with 5 stardust balls, ending with a silver sliding clasp.


The first gem holder is set in 14-carat 2 shades of gold, with marquise designs, set with 12 diamonds. 


The second gems holder. Also crafted in 14 carat gold, designed in an oval shape with a wave effect in both white and yellow gold, set with diamonds.


The attached photographs are for you to decide on your choices

Necklace length: 68 cm

Necklace gemstones weight: 44 grams.  Silver weight: 9.5 grams


Bracelet length: 18 cm

Bracelet gems weight: 12 grams. Silver weight: 3 grams


For both beads’ holders, please see these details under the diamond collection


Spinal Tie Set

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