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Simple and Stylish Jewellery

Today is Sunday, a casual working lunch with 6 ladies organising a charity event?

Let’s be honest, of a senior age 55 and above. Watching my colleagues around the table, spur me to organise my blogs concentrating in demonstrating to my friends and others who are approaching a senior age.

A high percentage of these ladies have grown up children, perhaps grand-children, have or had a career, in a word a more relaxed life style. Do you wonder why some ladies of this age bracket look astonishing, whatever they wear?

Regardless of your age, whatever you wear, it is incomplete without accessories. It may be a pair of earrings, a long chain, a string of beads, a sparkling drop earrings, bangles; something to compliment your clothes makes it from boring to an elegant you!

· Simple clothing

· Casual wear

· Fashionable wear

· High couture

Regardless of your outfit, the key is how you accessorize these outfits. Important to remember: Choose accessories to bring out your personality


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