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Learn To Knot Pearls

We recently received an e-mail from a distressed client, explaining the lost of a number of pearls when her necklace snapped!

Due to the age of these pearls, it will be difficult to find the shade, lustre and size to replace the missing one.

In this case you have 2 choices; One is to search for pearls replacement nearest to the original or the best suggestion is as follow:

You know you are short of 2 cm in length, if you knot each pearls you will gain 1 cm, the solution is to find a clasp with a length of 1 cm or above, solving the issue.

How To Knot Pearls

Find a silk thread of similar colour to the pearls and start with the first section of the clasp, string the first pearl, now tie and overhand a loose knot, insert a canvas needle or the tip of thin Twizzlers through the loose knot. Push the knot towards the pearl with the pin still inside the knot until the knot and pin are flush up against the bead, carefully slip the pin out, make sure threads are tight.

If you are knotting an item for the first time, please practise with plastic beads until you are confident with your results.

It is advisable to knot pearls, the advantage of this it offers the necklace or bracelet more flexibility and essentially if the thread brakes you won't loose all your beads.

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