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Making a Necklace

Wholesale Loose Beads

Our Earth provides all of us with a variety of gemstones showcasing their unique natural beauty.

Unique Jewellery For You has decades of experience into this field, supplying our retail and wholesale clients with natural sourced gemstones which can be treasured and passed on to future generations.


The main advantage in choosing natural gemstones, each has its own unique makeup, individual beauty, brilliance and the certainty these will remain as new, as the first day you purchase them.


Many of these gemstones have gained popularity as consumers appreciates their life span or role in holistic therapy, others for their ability to increase in value.


 A selection of Swarovski Crystals, Seed Beads, glass beads are available at discounted prices.

Over the years we have accumulated all sorts of findings, you can always contact us with your request, we are only to please to assist.


Through our blogs: Learn to care for your gemstones - Learn their provenance & history - Learn to create your own beaded jewels

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