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This rectangular silver clasp has several  possibilities, depending on the size of  the beads you intend to use.


If you use beads less then 3 mm for a choker, for instance, we suggest to include  the 2 optional partitions to hold the beads in straight lines.


Think of having 3 to 4 rows of 7 mm pearls or other gemstones in layers with the clasp placed 20mn down from your right shoulder, making a statement.

The centre pave of the clasp will certainly give your gemstones for a Whoa factor.


Clasp size:27 mm x 13 mm


 Partitions are optional with these clasps: To order go to the retail section to the clasp collection,


Material: Silver - Each 13.9 grams

Quantity: 4 Pieces

Silver Pave Set x 2

SKU: CLA 680
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