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Admire the translucent tone, feel the smoothness of these natural corals.

The carved coral rose is beautifully crafted into a nest of petals, charmingly set in 18 carat gold, replicating the morning dew.


The corals of the necklace are arranged in a graduated style. The baroques varies from 8.5 mm decreasing to

4 x 4 mm, closing with an 18 carat gold clasp. 


On both side of the centre piece, the corals are separated with 4 mm, 18 carat gold balls to emphasize the individual beauty of each of these baroques.

The centre piece can be use as you wish, by removing the necklace.

 Due to the build in belier, this item can  be worn as a pendant on a chain or other necklaces of your choice for variety.


Centre piece

Size: diameter 30 mm 

Gold weigth:10.23 gr.

coral weight 39.07 gr.



Length: 45 cm

Coral weight: 36.9 gr.

Gold weight: 5.4 gr.


Pride Natural Coral Necklace

£1,725.00 Regular Price
£1,380.00Sale Price
  • Designed with a double edging, allowing you the possibility to string layers of 2mn coral beads, enhancing the tones of this pendant.

    Wear it lengthways, with one of your favourite chain or your own beads


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