• An Unique Jewellery 18 carat  white gold 3 piece set designed with garnet petals, enhance with diamonds.

    The centre piece is both designed to be a clasp or a centre piece, where you can set pearls or any other gemstones of your choice or simply get your jeweller to add an additional ring to slide a chain into to make it as a pendant

    The Earrings: aslo made in 18carat white gold ; 13mn in diameter exactly matching the centre piece and ring,

    This set  as mentioned includes the ring; size 58

    Centre piece: 19mn wide-  6.6grams - 25 round diamonds 3.04ct

    Earrings: 14mn diameter - 6.6grams -  21 round diamonds  3.04 ct

    Ring: 18mn diameter - 6.470 grams -  15 round diamonds  4.40ct - Size 58

    Garnet Diamonds Set

    SKU: GOL 420

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