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3 rows, 5 microns gold pave clasp, in a dahlia shape.

The clasp centre has a flat 8 mm pearl, embellished by 8 Swarovski baguettes.

 Clasp size: 24 mm diameter


Keep in mind the actual size is smaller then the picture.

You can use 3 rows of 3 mm beads or 2 rows of 7 mm beads. you can position your beads, slightly on the side, to give some appeal to your set.


Great with your cocktail dress.Try It!


 Quantity: Pack of 12 pieces, 3 of each colours:

With Emerald baguettes - 3 pieces

With Sapphire baguettes -3 pieces

With Pink baguettes -3 pieces

With Onyx baguettes-3 pieces


Baguette Gold Clasp x 12

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