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Your Turn To Make This Necklace

How To make a 2 Rows Necklace

For you to position the grey pearls, you firstly must decide the length of the necklace

you are about to create

Based on our design with 7mm round faceted beads or 7mm round plain polished beads

The first row is 45cm including clasp

2nd row is 48cm including clasp


About 1.5metre nylon thread

69 to73 onyx 7mn faceted beads

16 Swarovski silver diamante rondels

8- 8mm round grey pearls

2 mm- silver grump

1- 2 rows clasp

4- 4/5mm round silver or onyx beads "Optional"

(If your chosen clasp is difficult to handle when closing, just add a 4mm bead at each end on the necklace to facilitate closure)

1- Cut 60 cm of nylon thread

2- 1st row: Place 6 onyx beads in the centre of the first thread

3- On each side of the thread string 1- 7mm diamante rondel (A) then 2- 8mm grey pearls (B) then 1- 7mm diamante rondel (A)

4- On each side string 6 onyx beads (C)

5- On each side, Repeat (A)- (B) - (A) , then string 7 onyx beads, then a 4mm silver or onyx bead

Measure the length of the strung beads, including the clasp, to achieve 45cm

Now you can add 2 mm silver grump on each side. Place the beaded string onto the first row of the clasp and temporarily close. (Keep safe with a piece of Sellotape.

2nd Row: Start the 2nd row in the middle with 7 onyx beads (D)

Repeat (A) – Repeat (B) - Repeat (A) - Repeat (D)- Repeat (A) – Repeat (B) - Repeat (A)

Then string on each side 8 onyx beads then 1- 4mm bead, add the 2mm grump.

Place the second string onto the clasp of the second row, do not permanently tie yet

If you have a jewellery bust, place the necklace on the bust to make sure the necklace layer do not overlap or try it on someone neck. If it overlaps add 1 or 2 extra beads (If you need to add 2 beads, make sure 1 on each side)

When you are satisfied finish closing.(see our blog "A demonstration for instructions.

Good Luck!

Of course you can choose a variety of beads, visit our Loose Beads Collection


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