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Yellow Hues Necklaces

While nature is renewing itself, carpets of yellow hues are on display, warmer sunrays, encouraging their growth. There is a variety of yellow shades to choose from, the simplicity of the designs below is certain to co-ordinate any of your casual and summer garments and their accessories.

  • Something to compliment your blue jeans, this 7mm Ochre Yellow mixed with 8 mm lapis rondels will add interest to your outfit.

  • Guarantee to lift your spirits with this cheerful 10 mm Yellow Agate hues necklace this summer, Simple and easy to wear with whites and light shades.

  • Flattering and feminine this 7 mm Apple Yellow, complimented with Sage and Jade will bring elegance to the garment you have chosen for that day.

  • What about this 7 mm Sunshine Yellow, alternated with square 4mm hematite beads, a must to have for greys and black.

  • Bring elegance to your attires, by simply picking up a colour from your attire by adding a necklace to enhance your clothes. This mustard yellow, alternated with 5mm caramel agate, ideal to enlighten browns, beiges and more from this range of shades.

  • Soft Yellow 7mm gemstone, designed with 4mm square coral beads, will bring charm to your printed top.

  • Try this Lime Yellow 7 mm gemstone crafted with 4 mm Peridot crystals is versatile to compliment most of your clothes.

  • For the highlight of your summer evening outing, treat yourself to this 7mm faceted Citrine necklace, designed with silver findings.

  • Think of a bold outlook with this Lemon Yellow necklace, designed with oblong Onyx beads, where we place red coral gemstones.

Endless possibilities, matching your casual clothes, complimenting your accessories.


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