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Which Thread - Cord To Use

We have been asked to coach a group of young ladies with their ambitious charity project.

With their mutual agreement, in a session of blogs, we will publish answers to their questions and anxieties.

As beginners, carefully consider what type of beads you required for your project as there is a multitude to choose from; price, quality, size and durability.

Once you have chosen your beads, you will need to organize yourself with the correct components to achieve your creations.

1- Which thread can I Use? Answer to their first question

There are numerous threads and cords available for different creations, to avoid confusion to our new pupils

we will just recommend only these suitable for their project.

For beginners, a Fireline braided nylon thread is popular in the jewellery trade. These come in different weight, by this we means thickness.

A 4 lb nylon thread will suit seed and rocaille beads as well for 1-3mm beads.

A 10 lb nylon thread, the most common one is perfectly fine for beads up to 10mm thickness

For the bracelets, we propose for you to use a 0.5mm Magic Elastic Cord.

This cord stretches and easily threads and knot to a finish, without hook or clasp.

You are excited to discover the "Chinese Knotting Cord" We understand their vivid colours appeals to you.

These 0.8mm cords are slightly thicker, easy to hold and thread, can be use on heavier beads, especially these with larger holes.

These cords are ideal for creating Shamballa bracelets. For pendants and necklaces, the rounded cord is also perfect to create knots in between beads. These can be to secure the lost of beads in case of broken thread or

to add clarity between uneven beads.

Knotting is also widely used to cushion friction between fragile beads such as Fluorite.

In the design you have shared with us, knotting is purely decorative and will add interest to the finish items.

Knotting, especially for your project can be time consuming, you should reserve this part of your project for items your families will cherished for years to come.


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