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How To Identify These Gemstones

Today We want to share with you how to identify the difference between onyx and agate gemstones.

The composition of agate its made in part, of silica crystals and a mineral called Quartz chalcedony. It resemble as a grainy colour stone which are mostly found in nearby volcanos or rocks.

To recognize this popular gemstone, look out for the curved bands, slightly appearing on its surface.

Yes! these gemstones are cut, shaped and polished, mainly used in jewellery and artefacts.

These exists in various colours such as brown, red, white, pink and greys and as above yellow and black.

Onyx gemstones, although these are of a similar composition, they are more of a solid base colour with a translucent opaque appearance. These gemstones are found in a variety of shades such as green, blue, browns, black are the most popular.

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