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Starting A New Adventure

Thank you to all new beginners wanting to start a jewellery presence.

We have read with interest, your ideas and projections how to achieve your new venture

Any new business requires planning and making realistic decisions.

Today we replying to those who have decided to start a local or home start business

None of you have mentioned making your own jewellery designs to start this project.

We would like you to question yourself, based on a start-up jewellery project to raise the family finances.

How many hours a day are you prepare to dedicate to this project?

Do you have a reserve space to conduct your daily attendance to this project?

Have you decided on which metals and range of jewellery you want to launch?

Have you thought to add an online presence?

Have you line-up suppliers?

Have you compared goods prices and merchandise quantities?

Have you worked out the cost in preparing this start up business?

Have you thought how you going to market and advertise your jewellery?

Are you preparing the cost for your online presence?

Now you should sit down after contemplating and preparing your project plan.

It is important you carefully decide on 2 especially important factors:

A- your potential start-up costs

B- The cost effectiveness of your products and potential profits

You are most welcome to respond with your feedback.

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