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Reducing Your Ring Size

It is common knowledge your fingers can fluctuates in sizes due to medical reasons, when

you are pregnant and very often if you are sensitive to change of temperatures.

Increasing during the summer, reducing in the winter months, during loss weight and so on.

For rings made of precious metal such as gold, platinum and silver, your rings can be permanently resized but remember, keeping in resizing the band, will continue to weaken it.

Let’s explore some other available options, especially if you own lesser valued rings made of other mixed metals, such as, brass, copper and so on

My preferred option is to ask for your jeweller to build you a clip-on horseshoe ring sizer. This is a good investment since you will be able to use it on different rings. If you only need one, then have it soldered onto your ring.

Other methods are also available such as a bar clip on ring sizer.


There are many other cheaper options, but my advice do not use item which you require to glue or paste on rings as this will inevitably lead to discolour the band.

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