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Offering A Handmade Present

One of our colleague, months ago, sent invitations to friends and family to celebrate her upcoming fiftieth birthday. Sensibly due to the pandemic had to cancel. Instead, you and me will analyse her profile to decide what piece of jewellery to offer her.

Picture this 5.5 foot mid-age, blond hair, always tied up, loose ends floating around her round face.

Wearing loose trousers or long skirts with draping tops, sometimes adding a long contrasting colour scarf.

The clothes she wears indicate her body shape. These factors are important for you in deciding what to create for a friend of similar type or for this vibrant lady?

The next question you have to consider is which colour scheme to choose amongst the loose beads on our web pages. I hope you will agree with my decision in making her a long necklace to compliment her attires

I have picked these , Why?

She is a petite lady remember the fashion of her clothing, long, draping. The object is to draw the eyes to her best features which is her face to waist. Her short neck does not suit choker type of necklaces.

Long necklaces, a stack of bangles or a mingle of chains would be my best choice.

The ocean greenish turquoise beads will match her eyes, the silver spacers give focus to the necklace and the nuggets give originality to this item.

Watch our next blog : How to make this Beautiful necklace!


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