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Costume Jewelleries

On our site pages you will find jewellery made of various metals. Which have been plated in different methods explained below.


The process of creating a vermeil piece of jewellery involves coating sterling silver with a thin layer of gold that is at least10 karats and 2.5 microns thick.

Vermeil coating comes in different shades according to the gold karat used. These items are long lasting, use simple jewellery polishing cloth to buff your items every now and then and maintain its beautiful lustre and golden gleam.

Rolled Gold - Gold Filled

Rolled gold is made by fusing a base metal usually silver, brass or copper, between thin sheets of gold. The metals are then bonded together using heat and rolled into flat sheets for use in jewellery. Rolled gold jewellery can last a very long time if reasonable care is taken. It is important not to expose your rolled gold jewellery to chemicals such as detergents, household cleaners, make-up and chlorine from swimming pools.

Commonly known as 5 Microns Gold electroplated and 5 Microns rhodium electroplated or Flash Plating. To gold plate, the item is dipped into a solution that contains gold. The item is then shot with an electric current and the resulting electrochemical reaction deposits a thin layer of gold to the outside of the brass metal we use. This method is repeated with the amount of layers applied.

Gold Plating

Gold plated items are inexpensive, widely use in the fashion jewellery, with amazing designs. These items require care, listed below are a few do and don’t to maintain these items in good condition.

  1. Always try to avoid salt, chlorine or other chemicals. These elements can cause serious damage to the plating element. If you go for a swim, remove the jewellery.

  2. Wash your hands before keeping the jewellery. If you have lotion, makeup or perfume, wait to put your gems. These elements are harmful to plating.

  3. Store plated metals in safe storage ideally wrapped so they do not interact with other metals, avoiding scratches to both the item and their stones.

  4. More importantly, especially when used in high temperatures, lightly wipe your gold-plated jewellery with a damp cotton cloth. This will help to eliminate any dirt or dust from accumulating.


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