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Let's Explore Amber

In the 21st century amber still has wide appeal. Amber is not a gemstone as such but is essentially fossilised resin. This resin was secreted from trees, millions of years ago. Over time, the trees fell and were carried down rivers to the ocean where they became covered in sediment and the resin hardened into amber.

Most amber originates from the Baltic coast of Russia, however there are some varieties found on European coasts. Research tells us amber has long been believed to have powerful healing properties, one of them, it has natural inflammatory properties. Amber is also used in modern aromatherapy.

Inevitably with such a sought-after material, there are imitations; such as glass or plastic or the nearest is reconstituted amber. Amber is naturally soft and warm to the touch, as opposed to cold hard plastic or glass surfaces. The value of an amber piece depends on the clarity of the amber and more importantly the intensity of the hue as vivid colours is considered more attractive and therefore more valuable.

A lovingly hand-crafted set with a combination of 7mm amber beads, mixed with faceted pear shape agate, enhanced with 6mm gold filled findings.

A calming look antique amber pendant in the centre.

Necklace length: 45 cm

Bracelet: 22 cm


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