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How To Clean Your Corals

First, may I remind you that corals have a very soft structure, they should be treated with great care.

To maintain the coral shine, after being worn, is to wipe off any perspiration with a soft damp cloth, then dry with another cloth.

If your coral has come in contact with dust or sand, run under warm water, then dry off with a soft cloth. Do not keep the water to dry off by itself, this is to avoid staining.

*Do not emerge coral into water

*Do not us any chemicals or ultrasonic cleaners

*Perfume, Hairspray should be applied before wearing your jewels.

How To Care For Your Corals:

It is recommended to store your corals in soft cotton cloth, away from sunlight.

For their long-lasting protection against scratches, do not pile up other items on top of them, unless these are themselves covered.

For heavy long corals, especially those used for diverse ceremonies, these should be stored flat in their own packing to safeguard against any breakage


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