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Gold, My Best Friend!

One can write pages to define the global gold market consumption.

Gold is vastly invested in jewellery due to it's value, natural beauty and radiance.

The softness of this [precious metal is easy to mould into a multitude of designs. The most common cartage in the UK are 22 - 18 -14 and 9 carats.

24 carats are pure gold, too soft for jewellery making. Gold metal is mixed with a percentage of other alloys, generally silver or copper for strength and durability.

Most of our designs are created with 18 carats gold which contains 75% gold and 25% of other metals.

Our ladies who love to make a statement will love our new 2 tone unique gold chain creation, designed with 4 mm wide curved links, using yellow & white gold, allowing you to confidently wear it with any other shades of jewellery.


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