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Establishing New Contact

Creating new contacts covers different aspects of contacting your prospects of creating a selling relationship, a few things need to happen in establishing these. Once more consider the ring we creates in our sale presentation. Let explore those essential steps:

1- Eliminate their fear

2- Create a person-to-person relationship or through your chat box

3- Start building trust

Why are people fearful of salespeople?

There are many reasons why customers are fearful of salespeople, especially in the jewellery trade.

They may fear they will spend more money than intended. That salespeople might be pushy, perhaps slightly aggressive.

Jewellery stores traditionally have a reputation of being expensive and sometimes the salespersons are lacking knowledge in the product the client is interested in. All this can lead to a tremendous amount of fear in shopping. You are possibly thinking this does not apply for internet sales, well in my opinion, more so, but do not despair.

Firstly, concentrate in developing a relationship that will help the customer to build the confidence to shop on your online store or in your shop, whether by email, zoom or in person. You must demonstrate that your interest is knowing your prospective clients desires and to give them as much information as you can in describing the product, they are seeking, for instance quality, material, provenance, history, pictures. Most people are looking for a friend in every given industry.

Why is trust essential in buy/sell relationship

I believe in any buy/sell relationship trust is essential element that will make the difference between a sale being made and a sale being lost.

Customers need to trust the company and the salesperson they are dealing with. They need to know that they are making their selection from a reputable company, which stands behind the products it sells and will be there for the customer with an after-sale service or any problem situation which may arise.


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