• This set is designed with the possibilities to be worn in 3 different ways, this to give the appearance to own 3 different necklaces.

    It is crafted with an opening clasp which you can position on the side of the neck or at the front as the centre or right at the back.

    The beads are mounted on 3 layers; these are shaped and faceted to bring out their sheen.

    In between beads we have strategically included 3 mn gold filled balls, having in mind for this set to be worn in different position

    Gently press the flower in the middle of the clasp to open

    The Bracelet is mounted in the style as the necklace with the same clasp which can be worn as  described above.

    Necklace length:1st layer 40 cm

    Bracelet: 19 cm                 

    Earrings: with omega fitting – drop 2 cm which can be removed

    Pleasing-Coral Set

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