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Pendant set - A

Gold plated round 50 mm diameter pendant, its surface is designed in a wire woven basket style, embellished with 8 mm enamel daisies.


Drop matching 35 mm earrings, set with an omega fitting.


Pendant Set - B

A round 43 mm diameter pendant, designed in 3 parts; the middle is set with a 4 mm vertical chanel filled with Swarovski stones.

The left part, in an open 5 mm circles. The right part of this pendant has a sand enamel pattern.


Matching design for the 20 mm diameter earrings, set with an omega fitting.


Pendant Set - C

This pendant set,  is designed in 12 segments, each of these are mounted with an oval Swarovski coloured stone, joining in the centre by a domed 10 mm circle, filled with diamantes.


Matching stones earrings, designed into half circle, fitted with an omega fitting


This pack has 3 different sets; Chains are excluded.





Gold Pendant Sets x 3

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