In some part of the world, corals represent status, and tradition.

Choices are here for you: Brides and Bride mothers...

These round momma corals are set on a 2 rows.

The corals are carefully chosen to achieve a set you will be proud to wear on that special day.

The corals are mounted in graduated lines.

The inner row has smaller balls, larger at the centre. 

The outer row is of the same style, but with larger balls.

Necklace closes with a strong gold filled clasp to hold the necklace.

complete with a bangle in the same decreasing fashion.

A pair of coral earrings with omega fitting and 2 coral as drop

Necklace: first line - lenght 48 cm

Bracelet: 2 rows of corals to match the necklace - length 20 cm

Earrings: with omega fitting with a 3.5 cm drop.

Brides Coral Set


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