Halloween Fun Celebration

Each year, adults and children look forward to celebrating Halloween

Dressing up and be whoever we want to be

Sadly, 2020 Halloween will be different for many of us

Here is something to help you to dress up with your pointed black hat.

For a better Dracula look, replace red crystals with black ones.

Components required

5- rows of 16” faceted 5mn deep red crystals 1- 8 rows adjustable clasp

2- 8 rows partitions 48- 4mn round gold spacers

24- 3mn diamante rondels 1.5 metres nylon thread.

8cm grump Jewellery cement or glue

How to make this Halloween choker

1st row: String 20 red crystals- 1 gold spacer place first partition -1diamante- 1 gold spacer

String 5 red crystals- 1gold spacer- 1diamante- 1gold spacer- 10 red crystals-

1 gold spacer- place second partition- 1diamante rondel- 1 gold spacer – 20 red crystals

Before cutting the thread allow an extra10cm on each side to facilitate closure

b) Place 05mn grump on each side of the thread and set this row on the clasp first row as explained

on our blog titled "A Demonstration"

Do not knot yet, use cello tape to secure the threads in place on both side.

2nd Row: String 20 crystals -1G-Partition-1D-1G-5C-1G-1D-1G-81G-partion-1D-1G-20C- Repeat b)

on the 2nd row of the clasp.

3rd Row: 20C-1G-partition-1D-1G-10C-1G-1D-1G-5C-1G-partition-1G-1D-1G-20C-Repeat b)

on the clasp 3rd row.

4th Row: 20C-1G-partion-1D-1G-5C-1G-1D-1G-10C-1G-partition-1D-1G-20C-repeat b) on the 4th clasp row

5th Row: 20C-1G-partition-1D-1G-9C-1G-1D-1G-6C-1G-partition-1D-1G-20C-Repeat b) on the 5th row clasp

6th Row: 20C-1G-partition-1D-1G-7C-1G-1D-1G-8C-1G-partition-1D1G-20C- Repeat b) on the 6th row of the clasp

7th Row: 20C-1G-partition-1D-1G-5C-1G-1D-1G-10C-1G-partition-1D-1G-20C- Repeat b) on the 7th row clasp.

8th Row: 20C-1G-partition-1D-1G-9C-1G-1D-1G-6C-1G-partition-1D-1G-20C- Repeat b) on the 8th row clasp

In general, 34cm is the average size but if the person neck is smaller you will need to reduce the same number of beads from each side and of each row. For example, 1 bead from each side equals 1cm.

If you prefer a slimmer choker, replace the clasp and partitions with 3 or 5 rows components.

Enjoy Halloween

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