A Demonstration - What One Can Do With This Centre Piece, With Matching Earrings!

Today I will demonstrate what one can do with this centre piece, with matching earrings.

I have chosen this piece which has a permanent build-in hook at the rear.

What options this piece offers?

  1. You can slide a chain through.

  2. A leather, a rope, maybe a ribbon.

  3. A string of beads.

Let's be adventurous with beads, especially if you intend to wear this item for an outing, beads are more elegant then a chain.

You can easily string a row of beads, through the rear hook, finish these with a hook and eye. If the beads are wider then the hook then the beads will be there permanently.

You have 2 other options:

1. Make sure the beads have to be small enough to slide off if you wish to use a chain or rope at different times.

2. To avoid this, string your row of beads independently (without the centre piece) Make certain the size is exactly the size you desire, then close the beads with a trigger hook and eye. Remind yourself for the eye and hook to be smaller than the width of the centre piece.

First, slide through the thread 3-4mn grump, place the hook then return the thread through the first bead, knot, repeat this process several times. Do the same at the other end, before knotting, please make sure the thread tension fits the length of the beads so there are no gaps in between.

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